April 2016 saw the publication of ‘Dimly Lit Meals for One’ in the USA and I was interviewed by the excellent Tove Danovich for NPR’s The Salt.

The Indian Express covering the book in March 2016 and,  from the same month , another article in Spanish from Cocinatis.

In September 2015 The Daily Mail interviewed me for a feature on my book. interviewed me in August 2015 discussing the blog and the book.

Sick Chirpse featured ‘Dimly Lit Meals for One’ in May 2015.

April 2015 and the Spanish daily newspaper El Pais compare my writing to Sartre and Beckett!

In August 2014 I wrote an article for Vice magazine about my blog ‘Dimly Lit Meals for One’.

Marina O’Loughlin writing about ‘Sad Food’ in The Guardian, February 2014.